Eager Beaver Nursery, Inc.
Landscape & Irrigation: Design, Construction,
and Maintenance - SINCE 1978
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What Our Customers and Community Are Saying About Us. . . .

"I'm a gardening enthusiast and am enjoying working at a location with such well kept grounds." -Sara G

"Just a note to say thanks for keeping our Firehouse so beautiful. We are grateful for your hard work and expertise!" -Chief Phelps

"What a wonderful surprise to learn that you would not be charging us for your services to our playground. It is very generous of you to give of your time and energy and such a help to our bottom line. Our staff, parents and children really appreciate the gift." -Philomath Montessori School

"I wanted to say thank you for taking care of my lawn and yard over the past few years. You have done a superb job. I appreciate the quality of work you provided and the trust you built with me as a customer. I wanted to say thank you last year for the honesty and integrity your company showed. I called last year to report what I felt was a discrepancy in service. I did not expect any compensation. Yet, you took ownership of the problem and exceeded my expectations in bringing a solution...I appreciated your candor and willingness to listen...I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your company and the integrity, professionalism, and quality of work you displayed. More so, I appreciated that you made me feel valued as a customer." -John S

"My comments are based on the City's experience with the work you have performed on City Hall and our Police Station. You volunteered at no cost to the City, your company's services to design and install the complete landscaping for both of these facilities. The end result is an attractive and inviting design that we regularly receive compliments on from our citizens. Eager Beaver also provides our regular and seasonal maintenance work. Your staff is very professional and knowledgeable in the handling of these duties and we can always be assured that our grounds are well maintained. In the few times that we have had any questions, you have been very responsive and taken care of the issue in a timely manner. I am confident that any firm contemplating doing business with Eager Beaver Nursery will be more than satisfied with the quality service that you are known for." -Randy Kugler (City of Philomath Manager)

"The Philomath Police Department completed their new Police Facility in the Fall of 2005. We had a great looking facility and no landscaping. Bill Mayer and his company, Eager Beaver, came forward and offered to complete all the landscaping. His offer came with a stipulation attached. Bill wanted to completely landscape the building, front and back, to include two fountains in the front of the building. The catch was that he would provide all the materials and all of the labor at no cost to the city. Bill commented that he wanted to make the Police Department a "showcase." In my opinion, he was true to his word. A lot of businesses talk about service after the sale and community service, but Bill and Eager Beaver delivered. As part of Bill's contribution to the community, all of the maintenance at the Police Department is done a no cost to the City. Every week, without fail, a team from Eager Beaver arrives to mow and maintain the entire complex. As the Police Chief, I would recommend Bill Mayer and his team at Eager Beaver. Working with them as an organization has always been a pleasure. The opportunity to work with and get to know Bill Mayer has been an added bonus." -Ken Elwer (Philomath Police Chief)