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About Us

Eager Beaver Nursery, Inc. has been a family-owned and operated business since 1978. You can learn more about the company's history here!
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Company president William (Bill) Mayer is licensed as a Landscape Construction Professional in all phases,

including Backflow (Backflow Installer). Bill is the co-owner of Eager Beaver Nursery. You will see Bill on job sites, creating estimates, and overseeing all of the crews!


Becky is our Office Manager who facilitates the payroll & personnel duties, keeps the files in order, handles insurance, tackles some of the bookkeeping, and creates the irrigation schedule. She has been working in the EBN office since 2010!


Gail is an Office Assistant and co-owner. She works part-time answering the phones, handling paperwork and edits the monthly newsletter and all marketing material.


Chloe is also an Office Assistant. She completes the licensing requirements, continuing education, and social media for Eager Beaver & American Water Works, and does the filling. She creates the monthly newsletter, and makes sure the employees have the correct safety gear every day!

w-Dixie (1).jpg

Dixie is our corporate hound dog, and serves as security staff. When she's not on duty, you may see her riding around in the irrigation van overseeing repairs. She also makes sure the snack drawer is empty!

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